Although the majority of our guests spend most of their time 'chilling', there are just so many activities offered in the immediate vicinity. Those with young children might find it difficult to get off the white sandy beach, as it is ideal for building sandcastles and beachcombing in the reef pools and sand-spits. Older 'kids' can choose from kitesurfing a few metres from the house or windsurfing, canoes and hobie cats at the hotels in the next cove, as well as some of the best scuba diving and deep-sea fishing in Kenya. Kite-surfing at Che-Shale, just north of Malindi, can also be arranged. With your own equipment, of course, then everything can be done right from the house!

Guests of all ages can enjoy snorkelling around coral heads just off the beach, or in nearby Mida Creek; they can visit the Arabuko Sukoke Forest , the Gede Ruins, the Snake Park or the award-winning Butterfly Farm; go shopping or surfing in Malindi; or simply take long, long walks or swims along the uninterrupted beach...

Other activities that can be arranged from the house include dhow-trips up Mida Creek (sundowners, full moon sails), dolphin trips, visiting the Gede Ruins, the Kipepeo Butterfly Project, and trips to Watamu village and traditional dancing evenings with the Giriama - the indigenous people of the area.

Useful Links

Aqua Ventures Ltd

Aqua Ventures operates out of the `New Ocean Sports Hotel` in Watamu, on one of Kenyas finest beaches. Different to the wall to wall hotels on other parts of the Kenya coast, folk come to Watamu to get away from the crowds and experience the relative peace and quiet, and excellent diving which all takes place in the Marine Park.

Turtle Watch / Local Ocean Trust

Visit the Watamu Turtle Watch, literally across the road from Treehouse. See the turtle rehabilitations, and a turtle hatching or release if you are lucky. Learn about their programes and even get involved.

Bio-Ken Snake Farm

Houses the largest collection of snakes in East Africa and is open to the public. It is 10 minutes drive from the house.

Kitesurfing in Watamu-Tribe Watersports

If you have your own equipment, you can kite-surf right from the house. There is also an excellent and professional Kitesurfing Centre - Tribe Watersports - operating out of Medina Palms, and they teach on the beach right in front of Treehouse. You can also rent equipment (supervised or unsupervised), perform minor kite repairs or just do your kiting together with other like-minded kiters. Tribe also does stand-up paddleboard trips. Another option for the experienced kiters is Kite Waa-taamu where Max and Oliver will take you on a kite-safari.

Kitesurfing in Che Shale

Che-Shale is a fully equipped kite school offering kite courses for both beginners and the more advanced riders. The school also has equipment for sale & rent and offers boat rescue and kite storage. Minor kite repairs are available. Che Shale is an hour's drive from the house, and makes an amazing day-out.

Malindi-Watamu Marine Park

The house overlooks the marine park and reserve that stretches 20 Km north to Malindi. The park and reserve is endowed with magnificent resources such as fringing reefs, coral gardens in the lagoons, sea grass beds, mangroves, mudflats, high fish diversity, marine mammals (e.g. dolphins), Turtles and Shorebirds.

Lakshmi Spa in Watamu

Watamu has a new spa with a wide range of wonderful treatments available including ayurvedic massage, facial treatments, manicures, pedicures and many others.

Bahati Gelateria

The original! The best gelato in Kenya. Treehouse guests regularly go to Andreas - whether by SUP, kayak, walking, running or tuk tuk.

Non Solo Gelato

Not only ice-cream. Amazing gelato, Italian pastries, cakes, sandwiches and so much more.

Yoga and Meditation Retreats

Watamu Treehouse is the ideal location for relaxing and energizing. Unique Yoga and Meditation lessons - or a whole programme - can be arranged in the house, taking advantage of Treehouse's proximity to nature.